Suspended Ceilings - Contracting Services

As specialists in providing and installing suspended ceilings, we have the ability of being able to give our clients exactly what they want by offering a complete service, from site measure to sourcing the correct product. This reduces the stress to our clients and instils confidence in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of professionally and with consideration to your programme; your budget and environment.

From our first site visit you can be assured that Decorfix has your best interest in mind.

A professional team would be assigned to you, giving each client a direct contact point; so, no chasing one person or department to another, you are given a direct contact number to be able to speak to the man or woman directly heading your contract.

Each suspended ceiling can be different, from size to environment; from what may look attractive to the correct type of ceiling that should be installed. Our professional technical advisors are available to advise or make suggestions to your requirements.

Suspended ceilings are a vast area of specific types of grids, fittings and tiles.


Acoustical tiles are designed to absorb sound to varying degrees. Noise reduction improves comfort and productivity. The goal is to limit sound travelling from room to room, while keeping sound levels low.

Light Reflectance

Light Reflectance is a consideration, especially in areas with indirect lighting. These tiles make more efficient use of available light and can reduce the number of light fixtures needed to help contain energy costs.


The humidity level of a room and the external environment will also affect the choice, heating and air-conditioning systems are often shut down overnight, on weekends and during holidays. Buildings with intermittent heating and cooling can warp ceiling panels that are not humidity resistant.

We are able to introduce any type of suspended ceiling you require.