Partitions - Contracting Services

The design and layout of your partition can have a consequential effect on a whole floor or complete building. Decorfix can offer you the technical advice to make sure that when installing any partition into any area that you know what type of impact that partition will have.

As qualified specialists in this field we understand how important this part of your project can be. The need to fulfil all the requirements can at times be overwhelming and with the vast scope of partitions available often the decision on what type of partition is a secondary decision.

That unique balance in separating areas professionally and logically can be installed to suit each individual project.

By considering your requirements and that of your work force and environment Decorfix can often bring that extra bit of tranquil approach to the work place and surrounding offices or rooms by assigning one of our professional team to co-ordinate and install to your requirements and specifications.

Metal stud partition systems are the most common used, mainly because of their versatility, both in construction and client requirements with the added range of being able to install into openings of any size and by incorporating additions such as doors and screens; to having fire protection, and noise reduction. These can range from a standard stud (75mm) to a jumbo stud (196mm) wall thickness; this can depend on the wall height and other special requirements and by the use of alternative boards, toughness, sound proofing can be installed, which could be an essential requirement for you.

With a slight installation alteration it is possible to upgrade your partition to 30; 60 up to 120 minute fire rating including doors, frames and screens. Doors come in a wide range of finishes and can be complemented by different styles of ironmongery and vision panels.

Often fully glazed or even half glazed partitions can bring a divided workforce together as a team, integrating offices; reception areas and common rooms. The added facility of internal blinds can bring the seclusion sometimes warranted.

All partitions can be finished in a wide range of vinyl or powder coated colours and designs with the aluminium frame work such as door and window frames along with skirting and head track can be colour coded in any RAL or BS colour that you require.